About Us

Sté. Solutions for Africa SAS (S4A) is a locally registered company incorporated under the laws of DR Congo in 2005, Specialized in drilling solutions that serve to the mining companies, small- & large-scale Industries, domestic (Residential) sector, aid agencies and NGO’s.

Since establishment S4A has grown into an efficient and effective business unit, maintaining a high standard with regards to personnel, equipment, health & safety and delivery of quality and satisfying services to our respected client.

Our equipment’s are well advanced, we operate a total of 22 machines all over D.R Congo and provide a comprehensive range of drilling services from an early stage of exploration to mine site operations. Our presence with intimate local knowledge through our extensive local crew to ensure every project is a success.

S4A business activities are more focused on providing exploration drilling, water services, geotechnical samplings, Aquifer test, pump supply & installations (solar and electric energy) with the water distribution system.

We are using state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and sourcing the best personnel available. We aim to provide the highest and most innovative standard of service possible. Delivery to clients within the budget and timeframe is our main priority while maintaining an exemplary safety record. Our current fleet of drill rigs is expanding to enable S4A to work at various locations nationally.

Values & Believe


We will conduct our business with customers, stakeholders and employees with integrity honesty and trasparency.


We Shall Constantly Implement Industry-wide The Best Practices with List Shunning Poor Ones and Keep Incorporating Latest Technologies to Improve the Quality of Our Services and Performance.


We Will Strive To Deliver Our Services Most Efficiently And Competetively By Employing A Highly Motivated Workforce, Assets Of The Highest Standards Upgraded With The Latest Technology And Implementing The Best Process & Systems In The Industry.


We shall share ideas, resources and talents and help each other in achieving our common aim of maximizing stakeholder value and customer satisfaction.


As a business, our focus is to balance the interests of all major stakeholders in ways which work to everyone’s mutual benefit and success. We utilize our experience and expertise in varied sectors to provide maximum benefit, which encourages repeat patronage and goodwill from our clients and partners. The key to our success has been our ability to seize the existing and emerging market opportunities, thereby building value.

We endeavour to be one of the most competitive construction firms with an emphasis on efficiency in operations, reliability for customers and thrust on development. Our diverse business divisions work closely together, sharing best business practices. They combine financial, managerial and operational skills and resources to make a difference.

Our assets, business infrastructure and human capital, integrate to provide an impetus for continued growth. They also allow us to give back in equal measure to the community as well as disadvantaged individuals and organizations across the world.

Our unique formula of building trust stems from our belief that we are a company that makes people who build relationships: our values, trust, people growth, discipline and pride. Form the cornerstone of this belief and enable us to create a performance-driven culture of delivery, accountability and profitable business.

We are focused on developing and growing our diversified portfolio of tier one assets to continue to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our equipment and personnel are the foundation of our operations, fueling not just today’s growth, but growth that will occur in years to come. We have a world-class portfolio of growth options that will ensure we can effectively plan for both the short and long term within the industry and continue to create value for our Clients & People – Our Stakeholders.

Our personnel are available at all times to assist you in the planning and development of your exploration program with these values.