csr activity

S4A’s commitment as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

S4A has involved in various voluntary efforts in order to give something back to the society. S4a believes in long term relations with the local communities where they operate from. CSR is not a tactic for brand building however it creates an internal brand among its employee and adds to the goodwill of the Company.

CSR spectrum includes many areas as safety of work, caring for environment and discouraging discrimination at work place. S4A took CSR primarily to focus on poverty alleviation, access to clean potable water, housing, education and economic growth.

Less than half of the population has access to safe drinking water. One in five children in DRC die before reaching the age of five. Waterborne diseases accent for 1 in 10 for these child deaths. S4A on priority in its humanitarian action plan has taken up rehabilitating water reservoirs and sinking boreholes and thus had supported water rescue – Ending Poverty which begins with clean water.

S4A has contributed as part of the social responsibility towards improving the basic health conditions of the Congolese people by contributing towards community welfare; need based medical supplies to local communities and military hospitals. S4A has participated with government to improve sanitation and water facility in villages and remote areas.

It is said that nothing in life is free and that is certainly the case for education in the DRC. Around 83% of population has received either none or just primary school education. S4A has contributed for the social cause by way of support to schools, School fees for needy children. S4A has planned programmes to upgrade school infrastructure.

S4A is also actively participating by encouraging local communities and societies for agricultural cultivation with tools and skills they need to grow their own vegetable gardens.