Privacy Policy


Solution for Africa recognizes the value of their employees and is committed to promoting and maintaining the health and well-being of every member of their workforce.

The inappropriate use of alcohol and other drugs can impair an employee’s ability to maintain safe working practices.

All employees and other people engaged to work on behalf of, or at the direction of Solution for Africa, have a responsibility to present for work and remain unimpaired by alcohol or other drugs at all times in the workplace and this means, ZERO level for alcohol and within the legal limits for drugs.

It shall be a dismissible offence to bring or use alcohol or illicit substances which include drugs on any Solution for Africa work site. It is also both illegal and a dismissible offence, to enter the work site under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

All S4A employees’ permanent or temporary who are staying at S4A camp work site on behalf, or at direction of Solution for Africa, including visitors should maintain, ZERO LEVEL FORALCOHOL & OTHER DRUGS.

If anyone caught drinking or drunk, shall be liable to disciplinary action including TERMINATION OF SERVICES WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

Employees may be required to undertake random drug and alcohol testing at any time.


Solution for Africa recognizes the need to protect the environment in order to allow sustained economic development for the long-term benefit of the community. They are committed to ensuring that environmental responsibility be incorporated as part of their normal business practice. It is the duty of all employees to exercise care in their work to ensure this commitment is achieved.

Listed below:

  • Client requests, with regard to the treatment of sites and leases, must be taken into account prior to the commencement of operations.
  • While on site, vehicles and equipment are only to be driven on designated roads, unless alternate arrangements have been authorised by the client.
  • Areas of undisturbed bush and environmentally sensitive areas are to be accessed,only with consent of the Mine or Exploration Manager.
  • All waste goods, food, tyres and broken equipment, are to be disposed of properly, at a designated waste facility.
  • The use of chemicals, salt water or any other fluids must be controlled in the correct manner. This particularly applies to cleaning up immediately and containing any fuels, oils, greases or chemical substances that may contaminate any areas of ground or waterways.
  • All legislative requirements must be fully complied with an updates or changes in the Act and Regulations must be communicated to all employees
  • On completion of each drilling program, the disturbed area is to be left clean and tidy, as close as possible to its original condition.
  • Where necessary engage the services of expert external personnel to advice on environmental matters.

The aim of the environmental policy is to provide realistic and achievable goals for all personnel involved in the company’s activities


Solution for Africa supports equal opportunity in employment for all people. It is good management practice to ensure the right people are selected for the right job.

All managers and supervisors are responsible for making sure their employees are not discriminated against and that opportunity for promotion is the same for all personnel. Included in this responsibility is that no person is to be subjected to any form of sexual harassment.

Solution for Africa supports this legislation and all appointments and promotions are made solely on the basis of an individual’s skills, knowledge and qualifications.

Solution for Africa administers an Equal Employment Opportunity [EEO] program that includes, but is not limited to :

  • An analysis of the workforce to form a company profile.
  • Reviewing and developing personnel policies and practices to ensure they are efficient and do not discriminate.
  • Informing employees about equal opportunity issues.
  • Providing training and development for managers and supervisors involved in the recruitment and promotion of staff, and Continual review of publications, advertisements and documentation to ensure they do not discriminate.

All employees who believe they have been subjected to discrimination or sexual harassment should first advise their immediate supervisor, who will investigate any complaint in strict confidence. If this is inappropriate, the matter may be raised with the general manager for investigation.


Solution for Africa is committed to continual improvement with strong environment conscience for sustainable development, safe work place & environment of quality of life of its employees and other personnelworking at its site in the process of achieving, Solution for Africa Shall :

  • Establish & Maintained good standard & codes for the safety of people, the process & the assets at all level.
  • Comply with all applicable rules & Regulation on occupation health, safety & Environment protection.
  • Adopt & Promote industry best practices to avert accident & improve our Health, Safety & Environment Performance
  • Coring, Drilling, Exploration & Production maintain all facility, Processes & Procedure to secure sustained Health, Safety & Environment Protection.
  • Get trained equipped & be ready to respond promptly & effectively to Accidents & Emergency.


Solutions for Africa recognize and acceptthe rights of indigenous people and will at all-time complies with, and be considerate of Legislation, Regulations and accepted customs.

The company will, when working in areas that may contain artefacts or sacred sites, comply in all regards to the lawsthat govern to protect those items or sites.

Employees will not remove or interfere with artefacts or sites nor will they impede or hinder persons rightfully engaged in any authorized activities on any such site. Employees will not purchase and/or traffic in, artefacts or items that are protected by the law of any country that prohibits the dealing in, or the export of such items of heritage significance.

Solutions for Africa will report any activities where it is believed there is a contravention of thelaws governing indigenous artefacts and sites. Items being legally removed from an area or country will be correctly certified and cleared by the proper authorities.

Solutions for Africa is proactive in the support of the employment of indigenous people and will provide proper training and assistance, in line with its Equal Opportunity Policy.


The Management of Solution for Africa has a strong commitment to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and anyone else who has an influence on the hazards in the workplace such as client’s contractors and visitors.

Resources in line with the importance attached to OHS will be made available to demonstrate our commitment and dutyof care where every effort as far as is reasonably practicable will be made to provide a working environment that minimizes incidents of risks or personal injury, ill health, or damage to property this includes :

  • Employee and workplace inductions.
  • Appropriate training for all employees.
  • Providing effective supervision
  • Providing safe plant and equipment and systems of work.
  • Regular consultation on health and safety issues.

The management of South West Pinnacle Exploration understands from experience that the greatest risks to OHS in the drilling industry are from hazards associated with field operations (vehicle operations, drilling operations, camping and travelling) improving and maintaining safety performance in these areas of activities is a high priority followed by workshop and office.

The development of a safe working culture is the responsibility of everyone and can be best achieved through the cooperative efforts of employees. A safe culture will be reinforced through :

  • Continual Risk Assessment(hazard identification, assessing the risks associated with the hazards, controlling the risks to health and safety of people that may arise in the workplace.
  • The provision of information concerning such risks and the promotion, instruction, training andsupervision of employees to ensure safe work practices.
  • Giving employees and clients the opportunity to participate in health and safety decisions that affect them.

In the interests of maintaining safety, contractors their employees, visitors and clients are required to observe and comply with all health and safety standards and the rules produced. This includes any signage or warnings, or instruction given by any company employee whilst on our premises or at our worksite.